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any hesitation, the power of a unit into the front of the magic weapon. Bright light tear empty, a door in front of Lin Dong. Everyone, take care Ice yo.u take care, waiting for me to come back. Looked around the crowd, Lin Dong finally entered the front door, disappeared in the conference room. The sixty thirty chapter fled CCIE Data Center it exam Escape And then run away Two more Nima, save it Whoever provoke these few buildings to build the five star World of Warcraft drink They were originally in their work, did not think now actually so many of the World of Warcraft to catch up, almost vomiting blood impulses are There is. If you know who is provoking these World of Warcraft, I will not let him A personal roar up, the damn guy, really damn What is not provoke, but why provoke these World of Warc.raft, their realm is to build a two star only, how could these Warcraft opponents. Another point is that the defense of these Warcraft, but very powerful, even if the building is not necessarily able to kill them five stars. And now they can do is to escape, escape and CCIE Data Center then run away. If caught by these World of Warcraft, and absolutely only the death of this result. So that they are more leg full of energy, anyway, first to escape Cisco Certification to say. I really do not know what the guy is dry.If I know, I must interrupt this guy s legs, let him try to be the pain of Warcraft dead.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
350-080 CCIE Data Center Written Exam Cisco CCIE Data Center
351-080 CCIE Data Center Written Exam Cisco CCIE Data Center
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